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Our team focuses on creating opportunities for artists to hone their craft, expand their fan base, and work towards creative and financial independence. Is it easy? No! Is it one of the most satisfying pursuits for a creative team to work towards? Absolutely! And it is a lot of FUN!

Artist Development
Publicity & Promo
Performance Booking

You've played and slayed all the open mics in town. Venue operators know you by your first name. Musician colleagues secretly, or openly, wonder whether you might consider joining their band, or whether they might join yours. Failing that, they hope you'll ask them to open for you at your next show. People you don't know begin to show up at your gigs and sing your songs back to you.....Now what?

This is where Hot Potato comes in. It's time to build your team and plan for the next 1,3,5 and 10 years. 

Hot Potato specializes in helping artists make the uncomfortable jump from local phenom to the next big thing. So......Let's get uncomfortable together!

Spreading the word about the amazing artists who are part of the Hot Potato family is what we do best. Through our network of publicists, media contacts, promoters, agents and fans we take a curated approach to the artists on our roster and carefully, purposefully and effectively introduce them to the rest of the world.

From touring and performance news, through to single, album and special event roll-out we work with artists to get their music heard, reviewed, discussed and promoted.


There is just no getting around it. Social media is a key, if not the primary pathway for sharing music, events and information about our favourite artists. From established platforms like Facebook and YouTube through to the new kids on the block like Tik-Tok, Hot Potato works with our artists to optimize their engagement with fans, encourage people to discover their music and cultivate their musical brand in a way that is both authentic and meaningful.

We plan events, we host events and we get our artists on the stage at the venues they seek. Our network of industry professionals are ready, willing and interested in considering our artists for a wide range of performance opportunities. We have a track record of working with professionally focussed artists who not only leave it all on the stage, but engage respectfully with venue operators, sound technicians and house managers as part of a live event team with high performance standards.

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